Mindfulness and emotion regulation. Psychoeducational workshop in English.

11.12.2019 08:30— 13:00 Rīga, Tīklu iela 5

“Emotions may be considered as the spices of our lives. They enable us to enjoy lifeto the fullest (..). There is the interpersonal, communicative function aimed to signal to others information about our internal state and behavioral intentions. In addition, specific intrapersonal functionsof emotional expression have been demonstrated (..). For example, emotions make us aware of what really is important in our lives. As such, they areimportant for adequate decision making.(..) In addition, they help and prepare us to better deal with environmental demands.” (Denollet, Vingerhoets, Nyklíček, 2008, emphasis added).

Emotions play a very important role in our lives. They can make our life delightful, but they can also become the cause of constant struggle and permanent worry.

Scientific studies have revealed close connections between the emotion regulation skills (or lack thereof) and such phenomena as depression, burnout and procrastination.

Emotion regulation skills are necessary in every area of life – business, education, personal relationships.

How can I obtain a greater awareness of my feelings and learn to express them better?

What is the role of mindfulness in emotion regulation?

How to avoid suppressing emotions and direct them in a more constructive path?

In this workshop, we will learn from the latest scientific research on the subject of emotion regulation.

The workshop includes lectures, discussions, and practical exercises.

This program is also suitable for those who want to learn the basics of mindfulness and understand its practical role in their life.

Target audience: people interested in their growth.

The maximum numberof participants: 12

The course is led by Indulis Paičs, an authorised contemplation teacher (“Via integralis”, Switzerland), a pastor with 20 years of experience in the largest Lutheran congregation in Latvia, master of theology and doctoral candidate in psychology, author of several books, including Deviņi dvēseles uzdevumi (‘Nine Tasks of the Soul’), a book about the parallels between evolutionary psychology and contemplative practice of the Desert Fathers in early Christianity.

Course fee: EUR 60 (including VAT).

Course agenda

8.30 am Beginning of the workshop

1 pm      Conclusion

Norises vieta: Rīga, Tīklu iela 5