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The Institute of Integral Education I3 offers diverse educationally transformative programs designed to address today’s challenges and tasks. Our vision is based on the belief that all human beings have a spiritual, psychological, physical and social dimension. A well-balanced relationship between those often separated areas is a prerequisite for a meaningful and inspired life.

We teach an integral and interdisciplinary approach to the most important areas of life, emphasizing the importance of mastering and balancing all four types of intelligence – IQ (mental intelligence), EQ (emotional intelligence), SQ (spiritual intelligence) and BQ (body intelligence). We believe that cultivating awareness and presence is fundamentally essential as it leads to true competence and a stronger sense of responsibility. This approach is vitally important, especially in areas such as state administration, education, politics and business. Indeed, the future of Latvian society depends on well-developed leadership skills in these areas.

Main themes for workshops and retreats

  • Development of human consciousness
  • Initiation and methods of transformation
  • Integral theory as set out by Ken Wilber
  • Contemplative meditation, presence and mindfulness practice
  • Integral coaching and integral business
  • Achieving balance between body and spirit, work and personal development
  • Building integral relationships with oneself and others. Shedding light on the deeper meaning of gender identity
  • Shadow work, healing the wounds of the soul, transforming emotions
  • The journey of self-discovery, uncovering and realization of one’s purpose and mission
  • Encountering art, music and literature as sources of creativity
  • Inter-religious dialogue and dialogue between different ideas and social groups
  • Seeking the Latvian identity in a globalized world

In our programmes, we seek to balance the academic and the practical aspects but the main focus remains on the latter. It is important that the participants of our workshops and retreats feel empowered to use their new knowledge and experience in their everyday lives.

Programme of the Institute of Integral Education


Programme of the Institute of Integral Education 01.01.2018 - 30.06.2018.pdf

19 July
Contemplation practice. The Essential. Workshop.
Richard Rohr (USA)

19 July
What kind of spirituality do we need? Lecture at the National Library of Latvia.
Richard Rohr (USA)

5–6 September
Introduction to Theory U. Workshop.
Uldis Pīlēns, Juris Rubenis

8–9 September
Being open for evolution. Workshop & retreat.
Indulis Paičs, Juris Rubenis

14–16 September
Female sexuality and spirituality. Workshop for women.
Anna Gamma, Franziska Bolt (Switzerland)

18 September
The circle method – a practical tool for leaders to promote group creativity. Workshop & training.
Raina Loka

21–23 September
From deepest wounds to deepest competencies. Workshop for contemplation teachers.
Anna Gamma (Switzerland)

27 September
Workshop & training.
Uldis Pīlēns

 6–7 October
Nine tasks of spiritual growth. Workshop & retreat.
Indulis Paičs

13–14 October
An introduction to integral theory and practice. Workshop & retreat.
Juris Rubenis, Uldis Pīlēns

20 October
How to find your calling in life? A free workshop for young people.
Indulis Paičs

30 October
Workshop & training.
Uldis Pīlēns

10 November
Can difficulties be desirable? A free workshop for young people.
Uldis Pīlēns

13–14 November
The leadership laboratory. Workshop.
Žanete Drone, Ieva Salmane-Kuļikovska 

24–25 November
The tradition of initiation and its meaning today. Workshop & retreat.
Juris Rubenis, Inga Rubene

28 November
Masculinity, male spirituality and initiation. Workshop.
Vents Sīlis

1–2 December
An introduction to contemplative meditation. Workshop & retreat.
Juris Rubenis, Indulis Paičs

5 December
Workshop & training.
Uldis Pīlēns

8 December
Do young people need initiation today? A free workshop for young people.
Juris Rubenis

15–16 December
Female initiation. “Yes” to yourself and to the world. Workshop & retreat for women.
Inga Rubene

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